Key Shaped Bottle Opener

Search_wNow this was an idea I had for the party I mentioned in some other post of mine. I was looking for gifts for the guys that are going to participate. As the theme is Alice in Wonderland I thought that bottle openers that would be shaped like old fashioned vintage feeling keys would be awesome. And so I begin my quest.

Item: Antique Key Bottle Opener


Seller: smitten-gbp (99.3% not TS)
Price: AUD 10.08 (1.68 for one) And I just noticed I didn’t get a refund..
Shipping: free
Item location: China


Order date: Sep 12, 2015
Estimated: Tue. Sep. 29 – Fri. Oct. 16
Tracking: none
Quantity: 6
Color: brown
Paypal nameBICTOR01 (this is going to be important later)


Delivered: Nov 09, 2015
Package: Plastic envelope with bubble wrap inside. Separate closed plastic bag with key.


Item: The key itself is good – exactly what I wanted.. But there’s only one instead of 6, so now I’m short of the and need to order more. Seller asked if I want him to resend me my order, but usually I always say no – because I will have to wait more time there are no guarantees hey will arrive.


Ebay vs. Reality CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Ebay gets one for the key actually being nice. Reality strikes with the disability to count, my own disability to notice that i didn’t get the refund, also the fact that they were dishonor and never gave it to me. And one for the seller – just have no words..


3 thoughts on “Key Shaped Bottle Opener

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