Pocket Watch with Australia Map

Search_wOnce more my quest for Alice in Wonderland themed things arises – one more pocket watch. This time it just caught my because of the Australia map – we visited Australia few years back so I thought it would really link our experience with the theme.

Item: Retro Vintage Brozne Punk Steampunk Quartz Pocket Watch Pendant Chain Necklace


Seller: lilyyangstore (98.3% TS)
Price: US $3.27
Shipping: free
Item location: HK, Hong Kong


Order date: Mar 06, 2016
Estimated: Wed. Mar. 23 – Wed. Apr. 20
Tracking: tracking number (not international)
Quantity: 1
Paypal name: TANG LU


Delivered: Mar 30, 2016
Package: Blag plastic bag. Matted plastic bag with barcodeand one more transparent bag.


Item: I like the detail work on it, its really cute and vintage. Has a map of Australia inside and a small window on a cover. Details even appear on the back.


It was used as a decorative weight to keep small pieces of papers inside of the box (middle one). People stuck those papers on globe to mark a place for us to visit in the future.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay gets +1 for fitting the theme, +1 for Australia, +1 for detailed style, +1 for actually being used. Reality +1 for not working as a watch.


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