Moto 360 Screen Protection prt.2

Search_wAfter matte and glass disaster we ordered other patch – this time I picked instead of my husband.

Item: 1x 2x Lot HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector Cover Guard Film For Motorola Moto 360


Seller: (98.9% TS)
Price: AU $1.99
Shipping: free
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: Aug 28, 2016
Estimated: Fri. Sep. 9 – Mon. Sep. 26
Tracking: item number
Quantity: 4
Paypal name: VALENETWORK


Delivered: Sep 12, 2016
Package: Yellow paper envelope with bubble wrap inside. Every piece packed in separate bag.


Item: these were really different than the once we tried before. These were good fit and almost invisible, though did its ob great.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC

I just don’t have any disadvantages I could tell, so this gets all the cookies there is in a jar.


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