Cotton Pads’ Box

Search_wI believe you know how does the cotton pads look like (I mean the round, flat ones). And most of women including me, use them every day in a daily hygiene routine.  I dislike the hanging bag in a bathroom containing them so I decided to have a neat box for them.

Item: Round Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case Cotton Pad Case Box Lipstick Holder Clear


Seller: boomshakalakatw (98.3% TS)
Price: AU $3.72
Shipping: AU $2.05
Item location: HK, Hong Kong


Order date: Mar 18, 2016
Estimated: Thu. Apr. 7 – Thu. Apr. 21
Tracking: item number
Quantity: 1
Color: transparent
Paypal name: ZHANG SUYAN


Delivered: May 01, 2016
Package: White plastic bag, some packaging material, carbon box and a plastic bag.


Item: Transparent box with a lid. Has a vertical cut on the side so you can take the pad out without opening a lid. It found a place in my bathroom instantly.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for being useful, +1 for fitting the purpose, +1 for good design. Reality +1 for being late and +1 for pricey shipping specially because it was late.


2 thoughts on “Cotton Pads’ Box

  1. This cotton pads box looking gorgeous and stylish. I had no idea before. I like your cotton pads box. I live in New York. What I can purchase this cotton pads box my reason. I am so excited to add my bathroom. Please let me know It possible?


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