Camera Lens Cleaner prt.2

Search_wI ordered this because I thought it might be a bit different than this one.

Item: New 3 IN 1 Lens Cleaning Pen Dust Cleaner Soft Brush Dust Wiper Kit for Camera


Seller: party-888 (99% TS)
Price: AU $1.29
Shipping: AU $0.05
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: Jan 09, 2016
Estimated: Fri. Jan. 22 – Fri. Feb. 5
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: Black
Paypal name: SHENZHENEST


Delivered: Mar 08, 2016
Package: White plastic bag.


Item: It is made of 2 actual parts plus a cap. It has 3 cleaning surfaces – one circle and one triangle shaped with material for close cleaning and a long haired brush that slide in.


The quality of this one was quite low – the piece that detaches  was sticky and smeared with something. When I cleaned it paper just stuck on it.




Ebay vs. Reality CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for actually coming. Reality gets +1 for low quality, +1 for arriving so late, +1 for being partly unusable, +1 its a same as other one.


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