Samsung Fast Charger Pack

Search_wWe have Samsung 6 Edge that has a fast charging function and HAD a fast charger until we kinda lost is during our trip to India. Simple chargers don’t activate fast charging function so we decided to buy new one.

Item: OEM Samsung Cable Wall Charger Adaptive Fast Charging For Galaxy Note 4 Edge S6


Seller: star_shopping (99% TS)
Price: $15.86
Shipping: free
Item location: GUANGZHOU, China


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: Tue. Jan. 26 – Tue. Feb. 16
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1 wall charger, 1 car charger, 2 wires;
Color: white
Paypal name: JINXIAOXION


Delivered: Feb 18, 2016
Package: Yellow paper envelope with bubble wrap inside. Wall charger with one wire and car charger with a wire were packed separately in tight packs.


Item: well what can I say. Car charger is good – works well, charges even my iPad which is really fussy about that. But we use it not that often, just for longer car journeys. Wall charger on the other hand was a disappointment. It stopped working after 2 months. The wire also broke – the plug’s case broke off. So wire is already in trash bin, wall charger hangs out with old batteries while I will collect enough to recycle. And car charger became a part of car journeys pack.



Ebay vs. Reality CCC_offC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 for car charger, +1 for neat packaging. Reality +1 for wall charger, +1 for cable, +1 for being late.


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