Moto 360 Tempered Glass Screen Protection

Search_wAs I mentioned in my previous post I was looking for some screen protection for my husband’s watch. He wanted to try glass so I ordered one.

Item: New Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard For Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch


Seller: best4choose (98.9% TS)
Price: US $1.61
Shipping: free
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: May 18, 2016
Estimated: Thu. Jun. 2 – Wed. Jun. 29
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Paypal name: HUANJIANPIN


Delivered: Jun 20, 2016
Package: Black plastic bag, some packaging material, paper box, cleaning tools.


Item: My husband had a glass previously on the back of his Samsung edge which wasn’t good so I didn’t really get why he wanted this, but well not my place to doubt. And it was a disaster all the same – it fit quite good, but it broke I think on the first day. As far as I know people who have glass on phones all of them are with cracks – I’m so much better with simple plastic screen protectors.


Ebay vs. Reality CCC_offC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for fit and +1 for idea that its tempered so when it breaks it doesn’t fall off in pieces, but reality strikes it down with +1 easy break the next day, +1 for all these glasses – I don’t really find them that helpful and they are so much more expensive, +1  and I don’t know I just don’t like glasses.


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