Orange Card Case

Search_wThe same problem as mentioned before – to keep cards when not taking a wallet.

Item: Vogue Lady’s Bowknot Business ID Credit Card Pocket Bag Wallet Holder Case BGBA


Seller: greatmiami2001 (99.4% TS)
Price: AU $1.22
Shipping: free
Item location: Shenzhen, China


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: Fri. Jan. 22 – Tue. Feb. 9
Tracking: tracking number
Quantity: 1
Color: orange
Paypal name: BODHIHOLDIN


Delivered: Feb 15, 2016
Package: Plastic bag envelope. Plastic bag for transportation.


Item: Plastic note book like case with 12 credit card size pages. 2 extra pockets inside the cover. Cover has something hard in it so it doesn’t bend. Design is really minimalistic and only has a ribbon and “Cutie Ribbon” written in it. Quality is not high – inside page pockets break quite easily, the pages are put in at different levels so it doesn’t look like made with any care.


But it found its place in one of my traveling bags, so I have a use of it.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for arriving on time, +1 for fitting the purpose, +1 for fitting the place. Reality strikes with +1 for those damn pages (quality..) and +1 for being not that cute..


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