Cat Pouch Case for iPhone 7 (Samsung Alfa)

Search_wOriginally I was looking for a case for my Samung Alfa (as I lost my Owl one for few days and could not find it), but my husband gave me an iPhone 7 as a gift so eventually I used it for this phone instead.

Item: pu leather pull tab pouch case for majority Mobile – long necked cat pouch


Seller: pheonixtraders (99% TS)
Price: £3.45 GBP
Shipping: £1.99 GBP
Item location: mansfield, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


Order date: Sep 21, 2016
Estimated: Tue. Sep. 27 – Mon. Oct. 3
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: pink
Paypal name:  PHOENIXTRAD


Delivered: Sep 28, 2016
Package: Yellow paper envelope, transparent bag.


Item: At first it was a bit stiff so the phone didn’t slide in really easy, but that changed after few days of usage. I upgraded the case with a Pinky so it would be more fun to use and as my husband thought it would really be fun to give me pink iPhone (somehow all other colors are not woman-ish enough for him). All in all I like it and it fit my Alfa as well, but I eventually found my Owl case so I just used that till I got my new phone.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC

Ebay gets all the point here – fast delivery, cute design, fits both my Alfa and iPhone, upgradable with pinky and I love kitties.


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