Owl Pouch Case for Samsung Alfa

Search_wJust a neat case to protect my phone in a black hole called purse.

Item: pu leather pull tab pouch case for majority Mobiles – cute owls pouch



Seller: pheonixtraders (99% not TS)
Price: GBP £3.45
Shipping: GBP £1.99
Item location: UK


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: Wed. Jan. 13 – Tue. Jan. 19
Tracking: None
Quantity: 1
Color: with owl pattern
Paypal name: PHOENIXTRAD


Delivered: Jan 12, 2016
Package: Paper envelope with bubble wrap inside


Item:I use it up until this day and probably will for the rest of the year. Quality is really worth the price and the picture is just adorable. Its easy to use and comfortable, the only disadvantage I’d note out is the white back, witch gets dirty, but  other than that its really a good bargain.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for arriving prior estimate, +1 for quality, +1 for being cute, +1 for usefulness. Reality +1 for white back. And I didn’t find one that would have different color back of the same design.


One thought on “Owl Pouch Case for Samsung Alfa

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