Pocket Watch

Search_wThe quest for Alice in Wonderland pocket watches continues. I already have one with Australia map and small one also one that is shaped as a key. This one looked something like an old watch that my father used to have, but it got lost during my childhood so I just thought I might as well like it.

Item: Unisex Retro Bronze Quartz Pendant Chain Necklace Figure Pocket Watch Gift


Seller: looks814 (97.7% not TS)
Price: US $1.99
Shipping: US $1.59
Item location: Philippines


Order date: Mar 06, 2016
Estimated: none
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Paypal name: MYBUDDYECOM


Delivered: Apr 08, 2016
Package: White plastic envelope. Wrapping material with elastic band. Plastic zipped transparent bag.


Notice: I want you to look at the way watch itself is packed – the chain is put into it and the lid is closed. That’s a huge flaw in packaging and whoever did this should get their phone put with their keys in one pocket. The glass did have protective plastic on it  so it could not be so easily damaged by the chain and it rubbing to it while on the travel – but we all saw how packages are treated on the way so that’s really not the way to package it.


Item: The watch itself is quite nice and detailed, a lot similar to the one with Australia map – the chain and the handle on which the chain is attached are identical. Though the front has a bit of a flaw in making.



The flaw might be seen when compared with the other watch (behind) – looks like it got thick transparent paint blob stuck to it or something.

As well as the white small watch and the one with Australia map it was used as a decorative weight in the first box from the right.


And now it hangs on the wall with the tree mentioned.



Ebay vs. Reality CCC_offC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 for detail work, +1 for fitting the theme. Reality gets +1 for packaging flaw, +1 for defect, +1 for no estimated delivery time.


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