Dark Blue Ascot Tie

Search_wI already bought ascot ties for most of the boys including the red one of groom. But I decided to honor our Matchmaker (we have a tradition in our country to have a Matchmaker with his wife, usually they also are witnesses who sign the documents along with the couple) and buy him a bit different ascot from the rest of the group. I thought that it would look good if it had the same pattern as the groom’s.

Item: Mens Trendy Ascot Tie Cravat Neck Tie Satin Scarf Party wedding Tie Silk Necktie


Seller: justinyrd (98.6% TS)
Price: US $4.08
Shipping: free
Item location: Shenzhen, China


Order date: Apr 25, 2016
Estimated: Wed. May. 11 – Wed. Jun. 1
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: Dark Blue
Paypal name: ELINKMALLCO


Delivered: May 18, 2016
Package: white plastic bag. Transparent package bag.


Item: Blue looked really good, and I was really glad it came in time. It looked really great on person it was meant for. Material was some sort of silk so it was nice to touch and didn’t irritate, but as the same problem of slipping out occurred I blamed myself for not putting some pins nor something to hold it in. It also looked really good with the key.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for nice material, color and pattern, +1 for fitting the theme, atmosphere and person, +1 for coming on time, +1 it looked great. Reality gets +1 for slipping out, but that is also my fault.


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