Moto 360 Screen Protection

Search_wMy husband over a year ago bought Moto 360 watch to wear at work as he works in quite loud environment and doesn’t hear his phone.

Item: 3-Pack 0.2mm Matte Screen Protector Glass Film for Motorola MOTO 360 Smartwatch


Seller: kwotop2014 (98.6 % TS)
Price: US $1.19
Shipping: free
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: May 18, 2016
Estimated: Mon. Jun. 6 – Fri. Jul. 1
Tracking: item number
Quantity: 3
Color: Matte
Paypal name: HONGKONGTIN


Delivered: Jun 18, 2016
Package: black plastic bag. Transparent bag for each with a cleaning tool.  20160618_160915

Item: when my husband was looking for these protectors he didn’t really notice the word MATTE in the name. This made it hard to see through and as it was really thin somehow it was really hard to put on so a lot of bruises showed up which also made it hard to see through.


As far as I knew matte screens are more resistant to sun – I mean that you can see better in a sunlight on matte screens, but somehow this really wasn’t the case.


Ebay vs. Reality CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 pity score for arriving. Reality gets +1 for matte, +1 for hard to put, +1 it didn’t really protect the screen, +1 it was hard to see through.


2 thoughts on “Moto 360 Screen Protection

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