Small Silver Pocket Watch

Search_wThis was very much like the pocket watch of white rabbit so I just had to order it.

Illustration from Alice in Wonderland



Item: Antique White Dial Quartz Round Pocket Watch Necklace silver Chain Pendant FE


Seller: fashionwomensale (98.7% not TS)
Price: C $2.49
Shipping: free
Item location: Shen Zhen, China


Order date: Mar 06, 2016
Estimated: not specified
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: Silver
Paypal name: YOUKESHUDIA


Delivered: Mar 17, 2016
Package: white plastic bag. Some plastic for wrapping and zipped bag.


Item: Silver watch with a chain, no lid, kinda small. We engraved it on the back so now its like a small charm. It was used a decorative weight to stop small pieces of paper to blown out of the box. We put a globe where guests could stick small papers with suggestions where we should visit and those small sticky papers were kept in a small box.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for nice design, +1 for fitting the theme, +1 for actually working, +1 for being part of the celebration. Reality gets +1 for being quite small.


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