Bouquet of Red Ribbon Roses

Search_wI didn’t want simple flower bouquet for my wedding. Inspired by amazing things like this and this  I decided to buy bouquet made out of ribbon roses. I chose red (was going to settle with red and white mix, but didn’t find nice enough) as bridesmaids were in blue and my (and groom’s) accents had to be in red – like lace ribbon in the back, shoes and flowers in the hair. I put the same red ribbon on the hat groom and on his key pin. Ascot tie was also in sync.

Item: Hand Made Wine Red Rose Flower Pearl Crystal Brooch Lace Wedding Bouquet Decor


Seller: romanticism1824 (99.1% TS)
Price: US $63.99 (got a refund of 5$ back)
Shipping: free
Item location: Zhejiang, Jinhua, China


Order date: Mar 01, 2016
Estimated: Mon. Mar. 21 – Wed. Apr. 13
Tracking: tracking number
Quantity: 1
Color: red
Paypal name: LIUCHUNHUA1


Delivered: Apr 19, 2016
Package: Cardboard box, plastic zipped bag.


Item: flower work was quite nice, details were attached well, though I was afraid that ribbons might undo, but they didn’t. The main concern though was the handle – the some of the pearl imitations were off, the small chain at the end was almost off as well. I didn’t love the white lase at the bottom, but it covered the base so I decided to let it be. But the cheep plastic after it had to go.


Seller was kind enough to put some hot glue in the package so  could repair if any damage would be done during the shipping, but I don’t own a glue gun so that was unhandy in the end. But I worked my magic and made transformed this mess into something I could love.


and as expected it looked great during all day. Though when I threw it at the evening (you know the tradition to throw it for bridesmaids) I felt as the handle separated a bit from the top – but I guess its not really meant to be thrown around.

20160528_Z&S_dekoracijos@72 (1 of 20)



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for being as in the picture, +1 for fitting the theme really well, +1 for the color – it was perfect, +1 for the glue, though I couldn’t use it, but the thought counts. Reality +1 for the fact I did some work on it.


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