Washi Tapes

Search_wHonestly it was a suggestion by Ebay. I didn’t really foresee any real use for them, it just looked cute and nice.

Item: 10pcs Washi Paper Scrapbooking Decorative Sticker Masking Adhesive Tape Roll


Seller: film-jewelry (98.4% TS)
Price: C $1.51
Shipping: free
Item location: HK, China


Order date: Jan 29, 2016
Estimated: none
Tracking: item number
Quantity: 10
Color: random
Paypal name: YONGGANG888


Delivered: Apr 1, 2016
Package: white plastic envelope with bubble wrap inside.


Item: 10 tapes of colorful but low quality tapes. They are a quite  transparent, so when you put it on something usually a picture behind will show up, or if the background is dark the pictures won’t be visible almost at all. Only good use is on white background. I use it to tape something if I like the tape to be visible, like I taped the envelope with a happy birthday card inside a box for a friend. The quantity on one roll is also small, but that might be expected as the price is low as well for all 10 rolls. For now they just hang around all other tapes in the drawer and wait for some packing.


I like the red one the most, and the one with the chickens might be useful for upcoming Easter.



Ebay vs. Reality CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for cute pictures. Reality gets +1 for low quality, +1 for no estimated delivery time, +1 for arriving after 3 months, +1 for being not that useful.


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