Black Pocket Watch

Search_wI already ordered some pocket watches for Alice in Wonderland theme, but my husband wanted one as well for him as an accessory. So I was looking for one that would look nice and would fit him and the theme. This looked like a great one because it is a semi skeleton, black and vintage.

Item: New Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Black Open Face Retro Pendant Pocket Watch


Seller: loveyu2015 (98% TS)
Price: US $8.99
Shipping: US $0.59
Item location: GuangDong, China


Order date: Mar 06, 2016
Estimated: Wed. Mar. 30 – Wed. Apr. 20
Tracking: item number
Quantity: 1
Color: black
Paypal name: AYSY2015


Delivered: May 03, 2016
Package: White plastic bag, bubble wrap.


Item: Black pocket watch with a window to see mechanism and arrows. Has small chain, nice vintage detail, roman numbers.



Now it’s a part of my husbands collection. And a good point is that its mechanical – so you just need to spin the wheel and it works. I like how the mechanisms move and you can see it through back and front.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for vintage feel, +1 for mechanism, +1 for skeleton look, +1 for fitting the theme exactly. Reality gets +1 for being late.


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