Yellow Rhinestone Tape

Search_wI‘m not sure how this got into my list, but I guess diamonds are girl’s best friends and life is full of fake ones.

Item: 1000pcs Stick On Diamante Rhinestones Self Adhesive Crystals Gems Jewelrys 4mm


Seller: windows-7777 (98.8% not TS)
Price: C $1.50
Shipping: free
Item location: China


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: none
Tracking: Chinese post tracking number
Quantity: 1 sheet (1000 on it)
Color: Champagne
Paypal name: CHUNHUA777


Delivered: Feb 17, 2016
Package: white plastic envelope with bubble wrap inside. Transparent package for transportation .


Item: It’s a sheet of plastic diamond look alike stickers, that are divided into strips and can be used as a row of stones to stick somewhere at a time or be cut into pieces for separate usage. Used it on my bouquet on one small part but it didn’t really give anything to it and I lost it quite quick as the glue are not really good. And I will not use it as the instruction says…


Though that gave an idea – I took it to my workplace. I have a coworker who is interested in origami and so he (with the help of us) made some decorations for Christmas which I believe would definatelly benefit from some bling.


Also some extra bling followed. You know when you start and can’t stop.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 for being bling,+1 for funny instructions, +for actually being what suppose to be. Reality gets +1 for being not really that sticky, +1 for the fact I didn’t know what to do with it.


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