Plastic Card Case

Search_wWe have a public transport card you have to put to the terminal every time you enter public transport in our city. I use to keep in the wallet but its a bother and not safe to take it every time while entering a bus, then I just kept in a pocket or just in a pocket of the purse, but I at the same time I kept on loosing them. And its an expensive pain to buy a new one every time so I decided to attach it to the purse with some string in  some case. This is one I ordered for that purpose.

Item: Vertical Transparent Plastic Card ID Badge Holder credit card case certificate


Seller: joinus2010 (98.6% TS)
Price: AU $1.00
Shipping: free
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: Thu. Jan. 21 – Thu. Feb. 4
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Paypal name: HUANGYANLAN


Delivered: Feb 08, 2016
Package: Plastic envelope with bubble wrap inside


Item: Transparent plastic case to slide your card in. Has a clip like holder so the card wouldn’t fall out and a hole in the back to push the card out with the finger if necessary. Has a hole at the end to attach a string or clip. I didn’t use it as originally intended, because by the time it came I already bought something really nice for the purpose. But instead I found other use for it – I left it at work and any time I need to go downstairs to the reception I put my e-key with my work ID sticker in it and clip a strap to it that I can keep on my neck so everyone would know I’m an employee of the company and so I could open doors to employee only space. Rarely needed but good to have.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for good use, +1 for multipurpose, +1 for being as suppose to. Reality +1 for material – its easy to break, +1 for being late.


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