Camera Lens Cleaner

Search_wWe travel a lot and we have GoPro Camera and Samsung Camera and you know the foggy pictures you get with unclean lens. Just awful.

Bangladesh Dhaka.



Item: HOT 3 IN 1 Lens Cleaning Pen Dust Cleaner Soft Brush Dust Wiper Kit for Camera B


Seller: bestoou (98.7% not TS)
Price: AU $1.06
Shipping: free
Item location: HongKong, Hong Kong


Order date: Jan 09, 2016
Estimated: Fri. Jan. 22 – Fri. Feb. 5
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1 with 3 tips
Paypal name: YUANYANCONG


Delivered: Jan 28, 2016
Package: Plastic envelope with plastic wrapping inside, zipped up bag.


Item: Its a pen like cleaner with 3 angles. One is a brush with two positions of length, two others are on the same piece and can be put inside on one of the ends of the pen. Works quite well.




Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay +1 for arriving on time, +1 for price – it’s actually not bad, +1 for doing the job, +1 multi purpose, Reality +1 for small dust – its hard to clean..


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