Search_wA purse is a black hole for me – it swallows everything up and I spend all eternity trying to find something I need so I decided  to bring some utilities to make this mess less of the bother – first of I bought a banana case for my small things and now I figured I should try to do something with my keys. When they are around other things they usually scratch something, so something like a case for them would be nice..

Item: Key Chain Hasp Style Silicone Pouch Card Bag Case Gift Key Holder Magnet Snap


Seller: qualityzoneonline (99.1%% TS)
Price: AU $2.50
Shipping: free
Item location: Shenzhen, China


Order date: Jan 07, 2016
Estimated: Fri. Jan. 22 – Tue. Feb. 9
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: Black
Paypal name: NEWFROG.COM


Delivered: Jan 20, 2016
Package: White plastic envelope and transparent transportation bag.


Item: Silicone black pouch with string that has a magnet on one end and a ring for keys on other. The usage is easy – you hang you keys on ring and then pull the string and attach it to the magnet on the side, so your keys slide inside the pouch. Well simple enough and sound good. But it does not solve my problems unfortunately…


I just have too many keys.. (minus key-chains obviously) So I took other approach. I have a purse I use on occasions – its way smaller and as I have to fit a lot of things there AND it doesn’t have smaller pockets keys are also thrown in there, but only from the home – I usually leave work associated and other keys at home. So it makes a smaller patch, which might work.


Looks good, but one more problem – keys already have a ring and as this will be used only for temporary reasons it should have a simple and easy way to separate the pouch from the existing ring. It would be really tricky to move keys every time.. So I remove the original pouch ring and add connector that I have from some old key-chain.


And the result looks promising. I didn’t actually tried this yet in real situation, but I think this will be quite good. One disadvantage though – its a bit bigger than keys alone, but yet its safer and easier to find.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay +1 for arriving early, +1 for actually keeping the keys, +1 for looking like a bell of cows. Reality +1 for not solving original problem, +1 for the fact that I had to change the ring – clip that you could easily open would work in all situations.


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