Cartoony Wire Wrappers


You know the feeling when you have a device with a plug and a mile of wire along with it and that wire like a snake tangles all other devices you try to put that one with.. Or the one when you open the draw with all of your phone chargers and cables and they like a bunch of worms mashed together don’t allow you to take only one, you have to fight your way out… So I figured I should do something about it.

Item: Earphone Wrap Wire Winder Cord 5PCS Animal Cute Organizer Cartoon Cable Holder‏


Seller: hv-lemon (98.4% No longer a registered user)
Price: US $2.05
Shipping: US $0.12
Item location: China


Order date: Nov 23, 2015
Estimated: unknown, but seller wrote 2015-12-18 to 2015-12-23 later in the letter.
Tracking: china tracking number that other posts usually don’t use.
Quantity: 5
Color: random


Delivered: Jan 05, 2016
Package: black plastic bag and separate plastic wrapping.



Item: So I got 2 Minions, 2 Aliens and 1 Monster. They are quite nice quality’s wise but are big and not really handy. Not suitable for small wires as they are quite big themselves, but I use some of them for kitchen appliances while their cables are big. But you have to go through the same trouble of wrapping and unwrapping it every time you use and that is usually not one layer. I would even say that its a bother. But yet they are cute and cartoony good toy for a kid.



Ebay vs. Reality CCC_offC_offC_off

Ebay – +1 for quality, +1 for cute. Reality +1 for being late, +1 for being doubles (at least there would be one of each) and +1 for not being really suitable.


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