Cheshire Cat Tape


While I was surfing Ebay for Alice in Wonderland associated stuff I found this nice looking tape with Cheshire Cat on it (from the Disney version animated movie). I don’t actually know what I will use it for, but maybe just to close some box or gifts for my party.

Item: New Japan License Disney cartoon Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Sticky tape


Seller: ronna.zakka (100% TS)
Price: US $2.28
Shipping: US $3.50
Item location: Hong Kong


Order date: Dec 07, 2015
Estimated: Mon. Dec. 21 – Fri. Jan. 15
Tracking: tracking number
Quantity: 1
Paypal name: RONNA ZAKKA


Delivered: Jan 05, 2016
Package: plastic envelope and some bubble wrap inside.


Item: About 1,5 cm wide tape with small Cheshire Cat faces on it. Little face that you can see in above picture goes off the roller, so its just a piece of paper with a smile.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay gets one for this item being quite unique – I didn’t find other one to buy. One being cute and as shown, one for arriving way earlier than estimated. And one for a girl. Reality gets one as no boxes are yet sealed with this..



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