Silicone Shoes’ Pads


After I bought my red heals I figured I might need some help to last in them all day. I probably won’t anyway, but at least I’ll try to find some help.

Item: 1 Pair Soft Silicone Cushion High Heel Shoes Inserts Insoles Pads Foot Care GBW


Sellergrapebaiwan-us (98.8% not TS)
Price: US $0.87
Shipping: free


Order date: Sep 02, 2015
Estimated: Thu. Sep. 17 – Thu. Oct. 8
Tracking: none
Quantity: 2
Paypal name: FACTORYKISS


Delivered: Nov 30, 2015
Package: Plastic bag. Transparent bag for transportation.


Item: silicone transparent pads to be located in heels. Didn’t try them yet, but don’t expect much as I had bad experience with the once that I used to stick on the heal side of the shoes.


Ebay vs. Reality CC_offQ_smQ_smQ_sm

Ebay gets one cookie for being quite decent quality at the first glance – they’re soft and color is right.Reality gets one for being so late. Others will be updated.


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