Tea Filter with Leaf


When I drink tea at work I usually use loose tea (so I wouldn’t feel paper taste from the bag) and got bored of filtrating it with a spoon or my teeth.

Item: Silicone Tea Leaf Strainer


Seller: top1-in (98.9% TS)
Price: US $0.99
Shipping: US $0.89
Item location: Jiangsu CN, China


Order date: Sep 09, 2015
Estimated: Mon. Sep. 28 – Wed. Oct. 21
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: Green
Paypal name: SERVICE


Delivered: Nov 11, 2015
Package: Black plastic bag.



Item: Cute green silicone leaf design tea filter with metal bottom part with holes to put tea in and get water through. Has small silicone plate to put it on. Works well – no strange taste, closes also really well. After longer usage it gets a bit of tea color on it, as silicone also gets into the tea. But I love it.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC

Ebay wins this one 5 to 0. Awesome color, awesome design, works as suppose to, cleans out quite well and goes well with my snail.



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