Bird Shaped Toothbrush Holder


I was just surfing the shop of one seller and found this cute holder. I usually just use a up to hold my toothbrush, but this looked really nice and could go really well in my bathroom.

Item: Bird Shaped Toothbrush Holder


Seller: top1-in (98.9% TS)
Price: $3.46
Shipping: free
Item location: Jiangsu CN, China


Order date: Sep 09, 2015
Estimated: Mon. Sep. 28 – Wed. Oct. 21
Tracking: none
Quantity: 1
Color: blue
Paypal name: SERVICE


Delivered: Nov 09, 2015
Package: Plastic bag. Had a hard plastic packaging for transportation and selling. Included paper instruction.



Item: Its cute plastic two part holder with 3 suction pads to stick it on the wall. It has a small hole to let the water out from inside. And sticks quite well also.



Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC

Ebay gets one for being over cute, one sticking well, one for being good at what its for, one for ornaments on bird, one for practical part.


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