Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Back Protector


And my search continues. After a glass incident I ordered few alternatives to replace it. This is one of them. Though I already got other that was quite successful.


ItemSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Back Protector


Seller: crystalbabie (99% TS)
Price: $4.99
Shipping: free
Item location: China



Order date: Sep 02, 2015
Estimated: Sep 22, 2015 – Oct 15, 2015
Tracking: none
Quantity: 3 packs


Delivered: Oct 26, 2015

Package: Paper envelope with bubble wrap inside


Item: well the practical part falls into unknown for this one as the phone now already has a quite decent cover and there is no need to change it at the moment. But I was really delighted  to get a full package this time – I mean all the tools for putting the item.


The protector looks right size as well from the first glance.


Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 for giving all these neat tools, +1 for keeping the quantity, +1 for quality. Reality gets +1 for being late and because of that+1 for being not necessary right now.


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