Silicone Pads for Shoes to Stop Them from Slipping off Heel


Most of us know that not all shoes are made for walking.. and specially high heels. I already bought (in the shop along with some really nice sandals) the pair of similar pads that doesn’t allow for any movement in the shoe while walking and stops from bruises. As its a bit expensive I wanted to try find something a bit cheaper.


ItemSilicone Pads for Shoes to Stop Them from Slipping off Heel


Sellerxdeal2013 (97.6%)
Price: C $0.99 (for  pads)
Shipping: free
Item location: China


Order date: Sep 02, 2015
Estimated: Sep 18, 2015 – Oct 09, 2015
Tracking: none
Paypal Name:


Delivered: Oct 19, 2015
Package: Plastic bag with bubble wrap inside. Package included pads and medicine box as it was from the same seller.



Item: Feels like the silicone, one side is sticky, other is a bit ruff (to stop foot from slipping). I put them in my black shoes, as they started to slip off my heal recently.


And a feeling – I don’t know if I put them in a wrong place or the heel of the shoe is a bit too low but it feels wrong. I took them out the next day. The more expensive alternative I already have is way better.


Ebay vs. Reality CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Ebay gets +1 for grouping this one with other order and that probably  would be about it for it. Reality gets +1 for being not helpful, +1 for sticking not really well, +1 for being uncomfortable,  +1 for being late.


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