Chai Latte Tea Capsules for Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine


When I eventually got my machine, as I already mentioned in my previous post, I decided to buy this tea as I have heard about it a lot. Even some of my co workers paid interest in this tea as in most of forums and descriptions this tea is painted as some sort of magic potion.. well maybe I exaggerate a bit, but that’s just me.


Item: Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chai Latte Tea Capsules (sold lose)


Sellerbammatdi (99,5 % not TS)
Price: US $22.99 (24 capsules/12 beverages)
Shipping: free
Item location: Portugal


Though I ordered my Marrakesh Tea from other seller I decided to try some other to find few and have alternative sources for the future.

Order date: Sep 02, 2015
No tracking nr, no estimated time.
Quantity: 24 capsules, 12 beverages.

After order, seller wrote a letter telling that there will be 2 packages arriving and they might be separated.


Delivery: Oct 12, 2015
Package: 2 packages tied up together. Each hard paper envelope, capsules wraped in bubble wrap.



Item:  I heard about this tea so much and I already had a coffee which I liked (though I could choose the flavor and vanilla rocks). Though the seller put in the part of the box, which states how much water I should put, but as my machine doesn’t have a dosing lights I wasn’t sure how much I should put in. But well the white foam looks nice.


You need one milk capsule (white), ten one tea (brown). How about the taste you’d ask? well its nice spices taste – cinnamon and some other. Somehow reminds some sort of cacao (maybe because of the milk). Its sweet even without sugar.  Somehow it smells like Christmas.. Ah ya cinnamon.. But to tell the true somehow it is not that worth of the effort. Its tasty and all, but maybe because I treat myself to chai coffee once in the while (every time I meet up with my friend, so like once in a couple of weeks)  it’s just not that special.


Ebay vs. Reality CCCC_offC_off

Reality +1 for being late. The other package from the same country traveled faster. Seller gets one for being creative with the rope. Ebay +1 for being the real thing. Reality strikes with the fact that its not so special. Ebay +1 because it gave me an opportunity to have it, as its not sold in my country.


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