Toes Insert


There is a medical condition (I think its inheritable as my mom has it and I have it) when big toe starts to bend to other toes. Also that causes second toe to curve.


My mom had a really painful experience while this was happening and she has to wear really wide shoes as the side bone is painful.  I’m not sure what causes this (might be Bunion, affect of Osteoarthritis or other stuff I don’t know). Couple of years ago I noticed that my toe is starting to bend and it was quite painful so I decided to take some action. Unfortunately visit this kind of specialist right now is a bit out of my reach so I followed my moms advice and got myself an insert for toes to separate the big one and push it back.


Item: Toes Insert To Straiten It


Seller: fullness99 (Ratio 99,1% TS)
Price: CAD 0.99 (refunded CAD 0.50)
Shipping: free
Item location: China


Order date: Sep 2, 2015
Estimated: Sep 17, 2015 – Thursday, Oct 8, 2015
Tracking: seller provided item number
Quantity: 2 inserts (got only one)


Delivered: Oct 10, 2015
Package: Plastic small envelope size bag with bubble wrap inside.



Item: First of all I as I got only one I asked a seller for a half refund which he/she kindly gave. The insert is soft and squishy, but very stretchy so it can fit any size and doesn’t squeeze the toe – so no discomfort in that.


Though the picture doesn’t show but actually my right toe is even more bend than my left, but the insert already does the job. Also one more advantage – it pushes the second toe down so it doesn’t bend up.

Yet after wearing it for a couple of days (like going to work) I noticed that I’m not so sure if my home medicine is working as expected (ya I should see that specialist).. I have a feeling that my big toe is stronger and now is pushing other ones more to the side. That might be just me, but I stopped wearing it.


Ebay vs. Reality CCC_offC_offC_off

Reality +1 for a mistake that I got only one, +1 that I’m not a doctor and I should consult a real one, +1 for hurting. Ebay +1 for material – I like how soft it feels. +1 for having more in it than just an insert.


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