Blue Pills Box


Every summer we have a tradition to go camping in the same spot near the lake. Its beautiful and I love it, but as there is only nature there without any comfort so you have be prepared for everything.. well everything is a big word – I usually at least have some first aid pills. And as my mom asked me to get a box for her pills I thought its a good chance for me to get one for travels.


Item: Blue Pills Box


Seller: funbase (Ratio 99,1% TS)
Price: US $1.08
Shipping: $0.79
Item location: China


Order date: Sep 02, 2015
Estimated: Sep 22, 2015 – Oct 15, 2015
Tracking: seller provided item number
Quantity: 1 box


Delivered: Oct 8, 2015
Package: Plastic envelope size bag with bubble wrap inside


Item: Cute blue box with 7 spaces for pills and one for bigger objects.


The main problem that I thought of after I put all my pills out of their shells into the case is that now I have to remember what they are.. That’s why I didn’t take Paracetamol out (its just white). And yet I think its just good for its purpose.


Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay gets one that I got it on time also one for being what it was in the picture. One for locking quite good. Reality gets one for being not practical when taking out the pill – its quite easy to drop all of them out (specially if you have bigger fingers.. men – its not made for them..). Ebay gets one for being blue I guess..


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