Deep Tea Diver – Diver Shaped Tea Filter for Loose Leaf


Have you noticed that Ebay offers you some stuff according to what you already bought? So this was one of those offerings after I bought my Marrakesh tea. This is one of those times when you had no idea that you need this before someone shows it to you. Ah ant it was so adorable I couldn’t keep my self of it.


Item: Deep Tea Diver – Tea Filter for Loose Leafs


Seller: top-1-in (99,1 % TS)
Price: US $2.49
Shipping: US $0.99
Item location: China


Order date: Jul 31, 2015
Estimated: Aug 18, 2015 – Sep 08, 2015
Tracking: no tracking number
Paypal name in bank statement: SERVICE


Delivered: Sep 08, 2015

Package: paper envelope with bubble wrap inside.


Item: package includes a diver and small rubber plate. All of parts except small metallic piece on the bottom of its “oxygen cylinder” are rubber. It has a lot of small holes to get water in and out. I have a big doubt of  cleaning it though – those holes don’t look like easy to clean. But for its first deep dive I chose a different environment:


Butterfly was quite interested in its new pal, but as it didn’t give food interest disappeared as quickly. My coworkers suggested to put some other stuff in it like glowing marbles or wire up led light and sink it with my fish.. You know what? No body suggest using it by its purpose, so I left that til I get a nice cup.


Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay gets +1 for suggesting this item, +1 for being cute item, +1 for quite decent quality, + from Butterfly for being a pal. Reality has one for it being not really practical.. but that might change.


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