Marrakesh Style Tea Capsules for Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine


Once upon a time I had an old coffee machine that made coffee out of capsules, but never used it as no one in my family drinks coffee. But once I saw that there are Nesquik capsules to make cacao and without any thought I bought them… but well my machine was too old and new capsules didn’t fit.. the time passed I gave the machine away, but capsules stayed. So I decided to buy a new machine that can handle my capsules and ordered one from one small local online shop (image is not from there). The day of the delivery came quite quickly but as expected I didn’t get the machine as the driver accidentally dropped and smashed it on the way and they didn’t have a replacement. Yet while I was still hoping to get my machine I decided to order some tea for my new toy and came to ebay to buy some. I got the tea and not the machine so eventually I was so fed up I just went to the shop and bought one from the shelf even though I didn’t get the one I wanted.


Item: Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakesh Style Tea Capsules (sold loose)


Sellerseverance2013 (Rating at the time 99.8%, not TS)
Price: US $11.99 (12 capsules/12 beverages)
Shipping: free
Item location: Portugal


Order date: Jul 31, 2015
No tracking nr, no estimated time.
Paypal name in bank statement: CLAUDIOSOUS


Package: carton box with plastic bag inside containing loose capsules.


(note that picture contains not all capsules, as we already used some of them). Seller +1 for writing exp date by hand on the bag.

Item: I suppose they’re original capsules even though without original box. Tastes nice – mint and green tea mixture reminds of real Morocco tea though not that sweet and strong as rear Berber. But as it says Marrakesh STYLE tea, not the real thing ya know.


Ebay vs. Reality CCCCC_off

Ebay wins with a +1 for seller handwriting, +1 original item, +1 nice taste, +1 for being here quicker than my machine. Reality gets +1 for this not being real Berber, but I will definitely buy once more and recommend this seller.


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