Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Back Protecting Glass


We have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone we need to dress up. It’s kinda new edition to our family and as its all smooth and metallic we decided to not put in some some big case, but as the environment the phone is going to live in is not really friendly it needs some sort of protection. First idea was to dress it up with sticky thin protector which usually is used only for screens and while I was searching for one on Ebay I found that there are more glass protectors than simple ones specially for back (because the screen is curved, glass is not as popular for it).


Item: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge back protecting glass;

Sellerhaowei-bestshop (Rating at the time 98.4% Not TS)
Price: US $3.58
Shipping: Free;
Item location: China.


Order date: Jul 24, 2015
Estimated: Aug 13, 2015 – Sep 03, 2015
Tracking: seller provided tracking number.
Paypal name in bank statement: LAOZHOU1


Delivered: Aug 27, 2015

Package: it was like unwrapping a present. First thin black plastic bag, then 2 layers of bubble wrap, than 2 layers of polystyrene (so 4 sheets in total) and in the middle a plastic case with a glass in it.

+1 to the seller for trying so this package make it trough the journey.

Item: glass (for me it feels like hard plastic though, but I suppose it has to be like that) looks fine from the first glance. Shape looks right and holes for camera and censor in the right place. But…

But when we put it on the phone (not sticking yet, jut put it on to measure size) its kinda obvious the size is wrong. Let me explain:

20150827_185211 20150827_185251 20150827_185401

It doesn’t cover all the surface – there is about 3-5mm gap at the top and bottom is almost on the metallic part. we can’t move it more up as camera would’t let it – it is made with a smooth curved side so glass can’t go on it. I would say that holes are in wrong place, but the fact that glass wouldn’t cover all surface even with right holes makes it just wrong size. Sides have gaps as well, but… but what makes it even more wrong is that its not actually curved right at all. Let me show you what I mean:


apparently this phone is curved in the back as well so glass doesn’t stick well at all – its clear in the picture (camera is covered with other protector that we bought before) as sides pup up. So ya…


Ebay vs. Reality: CC_offC_offC_offC_off

Reality crushes my expectations like a big boy. I wouldn’t buy this again, and I think that seller is not the fault here – its just not right thing for this kind of purpose. Seller gets +1 from me for packaging skills.


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